Pine Valley Cabins

Majestic pine-covered mountains, and fewer than 500 residents in the valley.

Owning a cabin in Pine Valley is about 1 thing: getting away from it all. As opposed to other cabin destinations like Park City, there are no art festivals or upscale soirees around here. If you are somebody that wants attractions, ready-made fun, and a mall on the corner, this is definitely not the spot for your cabin.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to soak in some quality time with your family, a few friends, and the ATVs, then welcome home. 

Located 45 minutes north of St. George, Pine Valley was originally settled in the 1850’s by Mormon pioneers, and has remained extremely small and quiet over the years. The valley reports less than 500 residents, and many of those are part time. They like to keep things small and less developed, preferring instead to drive a little bit for conveniences. Physically separated from Interstate 15 by a mountain range, it really is a smaller, slower way of life.

Climate wise, Pine Valley sees a fairly mild chunk of the spectrum, compared with the extremes experienced in many other parts of Utah. The average summer temps peak at 90 degrees in July, while the winter months average in the 40’s. And the average snowfall is only 9 inches!

Quaint, extremely picturesque, and off the beaten path–If this sounds like a dream come true to you, then this could be an ideal location for your cabin. Keep in mind, Pine Valley is a smaller area, and there just aren’t as many cabins for sale as there are other places. Still, there are usually a few other properties off the MLS that we know of. Send us a quick email, and we’ll send you back the best properties we’ve come across.

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If you’re still not 100% sold on Pine Valley, why not spend a few minutes checking out cabins in some of Utah’s other popular areas–Fish Lake, Moab, Bear Lake, Brian Head, Park City, or Duck Creek.