Have you started looking at hunting cabin kits for sale? They are a great solution if you have some hunting property that you want to be able to use a little bit more. The chances are, you are probably only go up on this land a few times a year (or perhaps you lease it out during the hunting season, so you’re not even there are all). A kit provides you with a permanent place to get out of the elements.

Hunting Cabin Floor Plans

What kinds of floor plans are available in a hunting cabin kit? Everything under the sun. Because of this, the first thing that’s important to ask when you are trying to decide on your build, is whether you are going for a more raw, streamlined, “bare bones” type cabin (think summer camp), or a plush lodge to kick back with the boys. Most people are not in the financial position for the latter, and so small hunting cabin kits have become more popular and prominent.

If this is the case, it’s ok. You really don’t need to have amenity-rich accommodations. A small hunting cabin kit is the perfect answer. Because you will likely not spend much time in it, your hunting cabin just needs to have enough room to sleep in. And because game hunts are typically during the later months of the year, it’s a good idea to have a serviceable little wood stove in your cabin as well.

Other than this, you really are good to go. Many hunting cabins don’t have electricity or even plumbing (that’s right, build an outhouse or dig a latrine). For electricity, there are several small off grid solar systems that can be used to power devices such as satellite phones or hunting GPS units.

Forget about the internet, forget about running water, and just embrace the rustic simplicity. On the bright side, a smaller off-grid cabin kit might not even need to be permitted. Check with your municipality on size requirements and other criteria.

That’s not to say that you can’t build an extremely nice, full-size hunting lodge from a kit either. Kit quality can be extremely high, with the fit and finish rivaling (and sometimes coming in higher) than lots of custom built lodges.

How Much Do These Kits Cost?

If you’re looking for really cheap hunting cabin kits, you can find them starting under $10,000. But to be fair, many of these are just glorified Home Depot sheds. The majority of the hunting cabin kit options that people would want to have on their property begin at around $20,000, and increase from there (proportionate to the size and the amount of bells and whistles).

Where are The Best Areas For My Cabin Kit?

Obviously, there’s no right answer on this one, but there are several states where these kits are quite common. You can find a lot of hunting cabin kits in Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Missouri are some of the more popular states.

Wherever huntable land can be had for cheap, you will find folks looking to put an inexpensive cabin kit on it.

Prefab Hunting Cabins

Are prefab hunting cabins an option? Of course! The last few years has seen an across the board increase in all kinds of prefab structures, cabin kits being one of the more common.

Shipping Container Hunting Cabin

Many people are enamored with shipping container construction these days. It’s easy to see why too. Shipping containers look cool and can be purchased for relatively cheap. Plus they are extremely sturdy. They are constructed of Corten steel, and made to withstand years of abuse on the open seas.

The concept of a shipping container hunting cabin is not a bad idea, although there are a couple precautions to take note of.

The first thing to keep in mind is that shipping container projects get monumentally more expensive and “less of a good idea” the more that you alter them. In their original state, they are a sturdy steel box that you can get for $3,000-$4,000. Then adding a door costs money. Adding a window costs money. Then another window. Then a wood stove. Now you’re thinking about attaching your container to another container to double the space. That means more windows and reconfiguring. Pretty soon the cost savings, simplicity, and strength that used to make your shipping container a good idea are now gone.

It’s also important to remember, that if you are doing things by the book, most shipping container dwellings will still need some kind of permitting. Be sure that you know what your municipality requires, and have a plan in place before you jump in blindly.

Should I Consider a Portable Hunting Cabin?

It is possible to get a portable hunting cabin, which is a close cousin of the modern tiny home. Once you reach this point however, you may as well get an RV. Don’t try to get cute and re-invent the wheel. RV’s and campers have been around forever, and are an excellent choice to use if you’re putting into an area for a week or so on a hunt. They come in all price points and trim levels, can be insured and warrantied, and can be coupled with toy hauler options for bringing your quads (or used to tow your flatbed trailer).

No, the highest and best use for a hunting cabin is to go on a piece of land you will be coming to for years to come. If you plan to hunt an area again and again, great. If not, keep things simple and consider an RV.

Get the Hunting Cabin Plans and Make it yourself

If you are decently handy and you have the time, you can purchase hunting cabin plans and then build the structure yourself. Because most kits will come in much smaller than a house, the materials list, the time, the labor, the expense, and everything else will also be much less with a small cabin than it would be with a full-sized, primary residence.

Find a set of plans you like online, take a couple trips to the hardware store, and round up a few buddies to help you bang out your cabin (if you have friends that will be hunting your land with you, it’s only fair they chip in!).

(p.s. we’ve recently become pretty good friends with the folks at GearLobo.com… if you’re looking for hunting tips and gear, be sure to check them out.)