Prefab Cabin Kits

There was a time when the concept of pre-manufactured homes meant one thing: trailers. Ugh.

In recent years however, companies like Coventry Log Homes and the Amish Cabin Company have begun manufacturing what are referred to as “prefab cabin kits.”

Like the name suggests, prefab cabin kits are constructed offsite in a factory, before being shipped to a customer’s final job site (hence the “pre”). And in contrast to many of their mobile home predecessors, these kits are usually made to be placed on a permanent foundation.

After being built in the warehouse, these kits are disassembled, shipped, and then re-assembled on the job site (usually by an experienced team sent by the manufacturers). And lest you have any lingering nightmares of the disgusting carpet and wallpaper in grandma’s mobile home, many of these kits are made of extremely high-end, premium-grade materials.

Why Build With A Prefab Cabin Kit?

Prefab cabin kits offer a pretty cool middle ground between custom-built log cabins, and cabins from a kit that you assemble. Because they are built almost entirely in the manufacturer’s factories, they are usually offered in standard designs and floor plans.

They are more expensive than cabin kits, but arguably much cheaper than a custom-built log home would be. Because they are assembled on site by a crew that is extremely familiar with them, the build can be done quickly and very well.

What About Modular Log Cabins?

Perhaps you’ve heard of “modular log homes” or cabins, and wondered what they are. It’s pretty simple–they’re the same thing. That’s right, the terms “prefab cabins” and “modular cabins” are used interchangeably, and basically mean the exact same thing.

If you really want to get technical, the term “modular”, just means that it can be assembled from predetermined set of parts. So prefab homes (or really any cabin kits for that matter) are all modular. But in the context most people use it, the “modular” label usually refers to prefab cabins, that have already been built once offsite.

Modular Log Homes Floor Plans

As you might imagine, modular log home floor plans come in all shapes and sizes. They range from less than 200 square feet, to more than 4,000!

While it’s possible to find all different layouts, features, and combinations under the sun, it seems like the majority of people are interested in building small prefab log cabin kit. The savings and simplicity reach a point of diminishing returns the bigger your cabin gets.

Prefab Modern Cabin Kits

Love clean lines and modern architecture? There are plenty of prefab modern cabin kits to choose from. Understand however, that all architecture is a dance between function and form. There are some designs that look really cool in pictures, but simply aren’t practical to build or live in. Modern design is a frequent culprit of this. So, in an effort to build that uber-cool looking modern cabin kit, make sure that you’re not ending up with something that is structurally inferior. There are a lot of really simple, really sturdy cabins. Don’t re-invent the wheel! (too much)

Also understand that because you are going after a really specific design aesthetic, a prefab modern cabin kit may come with a bigger price tag. That’s just the way it is. Modern is trendy and trendy usually means more expensive.

Prefab A Frame Cabin Kits

A frame cabins offer a timeless aesthetic, that somehow just feels like you should be in the mountains getting ready to cozy up to a fire with a good book. And there are certainly some great prefab A frame cabin kits on the market! If A frame is the look you are going for, and you have decided that prefab is the best building method for you, than you’re in luck.

Green Cabin Kits Prefab

Of course, lots of folks would like to build as “green” as possible. There are lots of green cabin kits in prefab build styles. You can find LEED certified manufacturers that will create and then assemble your prefab cabin kit on your site, using sustainably sourced materials and responsible building practices.

Make sure you inquire upfront, before you get too far into the process. Most manufacturers will readily tout any kind of green or sustainable materials and manufacturing practices that they use. If they don’t, a couple of simple questions should help you quickly figure out if they are a good fit or not.

Prefab Hunting Cabin Kits

One of the greatest uses for cabin kits is to be used as a method for building a small hunting cabin. There are excellent prefab hunting cabin kits out there. Depending on how simple you are willing to go, you can find kits that are small, and can be assembled on site in 1 day (if the proper prep work is done).

Prefab Log Cabin Kits Prices

So, how much do prefab cabin kits cost? If you’re legitimately starting to look at prefab cabin kits for sale, then this is a question you have already asked yourself. Prefab log cabin kit prices range from $20,000 to over $300,000. Remember, for any given floor plan and cabin size, you will pay slightly more for a prefab kit, than a site built cabin kit (although arguably less than you would for a completely custom built cabin). It’s just the luxury of being able to have a kit assembled for you, on a much quicker timeline.

Are Prefab Log Cabin Kits Right For You?

Over the last several decades, people have continued to re-invent the concept of a home, and found lots of really compelling options. Prefab cabin kits are just one iteration of this, offering some great upside to folks trying to find a sweet spot between cost, construction time, and ease.

So are they right for you? You be the judge! Only you know your goals, resources, and restrictions for your cabin. If you need a sounding board however, we’d love to help. Shoot us a quick note, and we will assist however we can.